Our Approach

Our way of thinking, feeling, communicating and behaving that aims to help the child feel safe.

The PACE Approach

Created to help adults foster safe, trusting relationships with trauma-affected children. This approach emphasises trust, emotional connection, emotional containment and security.

Our 360 Holistic Approach

Integrating specialised services from Allied Healthcare Professionals, ensuring comprehensive, tailored care in every aspect of a child’s development - emotional, physical, social and educational.

Our Guiding Philosophy

PACE principles define our caregiving ethos. 

Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy shape a nurturing environment.

Playfulness encourages trust and emotional expression. Acceptance fosters open communication and self-worth, while Curiosity provides valuable insights. Empathy forms deep connections, ensuring a secure space for healing and growth.


Infusing Care with Playfulness

At 360 CRS, we prioritise creating an atmosphere of warmth and lightness, focusing on engaging rather than lecturing the children in our care. We use playfulness as a key tool to foster resilience, hope and a brighter outlook on life. This approach allows us to build a safe closeness with each child, helping them become more engaged and reflective.

In practical terms, our playful methodology serves to defuse tension and make discipline more effective, all without escalating conflicts. We invite you to join us at 360 CRS, where every interaction is an opportunity for joy, connection and growth through the power of playfulness.


Embracing Every Child

At 360 CRS, we’ve created an environment where children are not just seen but deeply understood. We focus on genuine acknowledgment over quick judgments, looking beyond surface behaviours to understand the underlying emotions and thoughts. This approach not only addresses actions but also ensures that a child’s core identity is respected and valued.

Acceptance is more than just a philosophy for us; it’s a lifeline that builds trust and fosters understanding. It brings clarity to conflicts and enables effective discipline, all without compromising a child’s sense of self-worth. We’re committed to a world where every child feels truly seen, heard and valued.


Uncovering the ‘Why’

At 360 CRS, we take the time to understand the ‘why’ behind a child’s actions, fostering a safe environment for introspection rather than rushing to judgment. Through open-ended questions like “What do you think was going on?”, we encourage children to explore their emotions and thoughts freely. Our focus is not on collecting facts, but on deeply understanding and supporting each individual child.

By prioritising understanding over criticism, we empower children to communicate effectively and grow emotionally. We’re committed to guiding each child towards greater self-awareness and richer connections, one curious moment at a time.


Empathy, the heart of our connection

At 360 CRS, our approach to empathy goes beyond mere understanding; we immerse ourselves fully in a child’s emotional world, becoming their compassionate allies in joy and sorrow alike. This unwavering empathy sends a powerful message that every emotion is valid and that they’re never alone in their journey, reaffirming both their intrinsic worth and our steadfast commitment to them.

Join us in a setting where each empathetic interaction serves to deepen our bond with the children, making sure they feel continually cherished, heard and supported in every way.

Discover the Difference with PACE

Choosing 360 CRS means prioritising genuine understanding and lasting connections with our children. Speak with us today if you’d like to learn more about our approach and how this has transformed our children’s lives.

Every day, we are not just support workers but also mentors, cheerleaders, and guardians to these wonderful children. Our philosophy centres around understanding and responding to each child’s unique needs and potential. We provide a warm, supportive environment that encourage their growth, confidence, and happiness.

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